Pledge Update - I Need A 12 Step Program...

   Well, it's about a third of the way through the year and I am not doing too badly on the Pledge for this year.

   What the heck is "The Pledge" you ask? It's a promise to do my best to paint more minis than I actually receive in a year. I usually don't do very well at it. This year has been pretty good so far, especially in the matter of terrain pieces.

   But that is about to take a MAJOR hit. You see, about 18 months ago I backed this little Kickstarter for Reaper Bones. And, um, well... I have a couple of hundred or so minis that are going to arrive any time now. Those pieces are not yet figured into the Pledge Count - I only count things that I actually receive in to my hands in a year.

This will be arriving:


  • Infantry: 113
  • Monsters: 15
  • Vehicles: 1
  • Terrain: 34


  • Infantry: 24
  • Monsters: 10
  • Vehicles: 0
  • Terrain: 2


  • Snake Cultists (Infantry): 6
  • Ape Attack (Infantry?): 3
  • Hill Giants (Monsters): 2
  • King of the Jungle (Monster): 1
  • Frost Giant Raiders (Monsters): 3

   That's a total haul of 146 "Infantry," 31 Monsters, 36 pieces of Terrain, and one Vehicle (a pig-drawn pumpkin cart). Some I will probably try to resell, as I am not interested in all of it. But even so, that's a LOT of minis. And they really don't work much for most of my wargaming needs. THey do help with a lot of RPG needs though.

   And I really wish I had bought more, honestly. The Fire Giant Huntsman, Hill Giant Hunter and Dire Lion, Blacktooth Terror, Mossbeard Treeman, and the Darkreach Expansion...

   I may have a problem. Is there a 12 Step Program for this?

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