Resident Evil 2 Remake | Review

Resident Evil 2 Remake | Review

Resident Evil 2 Remake - Review

The best remake of mine is playing the 2002 remake of the first Resident Evil on GameCube with its perfectly refreshed visuals, totally new areas to explore, and unnerving new monsters. Now, in 2019, Capcom has given me another experience I'll recollect for quite a while: this ground-up remake of Resident Evil 2 is an extremely fun, exceptionally frightening experience because of its totally new and modern graphics, controls, and some brilliant quality-of-life upgrades. The two playable characters' stories aren't as different as I've expected, yet I enjoyed every gory moment of my return to Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield's shoes. 

Reliving familiar frights can often make for a less than exciting horror experience. But, with the remake of Resident Evil 2, Capcom shows respect for the original while additionally putting forth an admirable attempt to give the macabre atmosphere and tense gameplay a recognizable upgrade. In doing as such, this revamp of the classic survival horror game shows that the series can still offer an terrifying experience like no other.

Resident Evil 2 takes place in the zombie-infected Raccoon City. The story follows rookie cop Leon Kennedy and college student Claire Redfield, who is searching for her brother, Resident Evil protagonist Chris Redfield. Leon is drawn into the path of a mysterious femme fatale. Claire takes responsibility and tries to protect a kid. Their stories intersects - players experience one story, then play the other character's perspective—making an tapestry of one night's event in Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 2 is terrifying, and in an effective way that few other games manage to accomplish. The game is astonishing in the manner in which it fills players with fear, building anxiety with splendid sound design, cunningly placed jump scares, and overwhelming darkness. Players spend vast majority of the game fumbling through the dark, often running low on supplies and constantly having to deal with variety of undead horrors like zombies, lickers, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Even standard zombies are a threat this time around, making each experience tense and meaningful.

Out of all the freaky monsters in Resident Evil 2, the scariest is by far the Mr. X Tyrant. Mr. X's appearance in the first Resident Evil 2 earned him a frightful reputation, but in the remake, he's a true force to be reckoned with. Whenever he shows up, Mr. X relentlessly stalks players, following them room to room like a slasher movie villain. Hearing his relentless footsteps getting louder and louder, knowing there is nothing you can do to stop him, fills you with a true sense of dread. With Mr. X breathing down their neck, Resident Evil 2 players will understand the horror movie trope of people tripping or committing mistakes when running from the villain isn't as outlandish as it appears. Players will fumble with their inventory as they attempt to rapidly solve puzzles before Mr. X arrives, or they may make a wrong turn and end to up at a dead-end, leaving them no choice but to confront the hulking monstrosity head-on.

Both Claire and Leon have two different versions of the campaign, and subsequent to completing the first run for the one, you'll be incited to begin a follow-up with the other. Called Second Scenarios, they allow you to see the larger story from a different perspective. Both scenarios are completely isolated from another, and decisions in that won't affect the other, however what makes these second runs a bit worthwhile are some experiences and sub-plots that don't happen in the first. It's an exceptionally fascinating approach to encounter the story, and with four versions of the campaign between the two leads - with the initial two averaging 11-14 hours - you always uncover new details and events that were absent in the previous playthroughs.

Resident Evil 2's more serious tone is additionally improved by the upgraded, fantastically atmospheric presentation, which gives familiar details from the classic game to a greater extent an articulated look and feel. Moving away from the static camera angles of the original, everything has been redesigned in light of over-the-shoulder gameplay, giving to a greater extent an unmistakable and obtrusive feeling of fear while exploring, This is increased significantly more by the flawless audio and visual design of the game, giving a creepy, isolating vibe all throughout the game. In number of cases, you'll just have the light of your flashlight as you walk the dark hallways of the bloody and ruined police headquarters, with the ambient rain and distant monsters sounds ramping up the tension. You feel safe in RE2, even when you really are.

Now, talking about the zombies, I must say these are the most terrifying and at the same time most perfect zombies I've ever seen in a game. And rather than pixelated characters running from pre-rendered background to pre-rendered background, Resident Evil 2 is a completely 3D, over-the-shoulder affair with atmospheric lightning effect, noteworthy facial animations, and the most terrifying looking zombies I've ever seen in a game. They're juicier than ever and I love the way in which they lurch around and respond when you blow off very specific chunks of their heads and hands cordiality of the satisfyingly detailed dismemberment system.

As always, inventory and ammunation management is still a key part of Resident Evil 2's gameplay. This is a real survival horror, where it generally appears as though you're barely scratching by with enough ammunition and medification. You can't carry all that you find with you, so what you should store and what you should carry is a fight continuously being waged in your mind.

The Verdict

Capcom did a fabulous job of resurrecting all the best parts of the classic Resident Evil 2 and making them look, sound, and play like a 2019 game. It's simply a strong horror game that delivers anxiety-inducing and grotesque situations, toping some of the series' best entries. But above all, the remake is an impressive game for the fact that it bets everything on the pure survival horror experience, unquestionably grasping its frightening tone and rarely letting up until the story's conclusion. The only disappointment you will find is the two characters stories' which aren't different enough to 

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